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Frequently Asked Questions


What version of SQL Server Reporting Services is supported?

SQL Scrubs 2012 requires SQL Server 2012 to run and can cull SSRS logs from SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 and SQL Server 2008 R2. For a full list of application requirements, please see SCRUBS 2012 requirements

SQL Scrubs 2008 targets SSRS 2008 and requires SQL Server 2008 or 2008 R2 to run. For a full list of application and hardware requirements, please see our SCRUBS 2008 requirements page.

What reports are included?

Our report catalog is here.

How can I optimize my Reporting Services reports?

Our Knowledge Base has an article on the key columns and definitions.

We've got some additional notes on optimization here.

How difficult is it to install?

If you already manage a SQL Reporting Services environment, this should be no problem. Copy the files, attach the database, run a script and deploy the reports. The installation of SQL Scrubs 2012 is nearly identical to SQL Scrubs 2008. Included in your purchase of SQL Scrubs 2012 or SQL Scrubs 2008 is a complete Installation Guide. For the full installation notes review :

SCRUBS 2008 Premium Edition Install - Step by Step

On how many servers/computers can I install the Premium Edition?

Premium Edition is licensed per server. There are 3 main components: The SQL Server database, the SSIS package and the SSRS reports. Each may individually be installed on a separate computer (if you have a scaled out deployment of SQL Server), or all may be installed on the same server.

If you install the same component on multiple machines, you will need to purchase an additional license for each. That means each developer that runs the solution will require a license, and if you have a Test and Production environment you will need to purchase a license for each.

Note that this does NOT limit the number of SSRS instances you can monitor - that is unlimited. See the following FAQ.

How many SSRS Instances can I monitor?

As many as you like. Simply setup additional job steps, or jobs and define the connection information (server name, Reporting Services database, credentials) and incorporate in your SCRUBS database.

We have an article on our blog that demonstrates this.

SQL Reporting Services Native Mode or SharePoint Integrated Mode?


And if your SSRS environment includes both scenarios, you can still log them both to a single SCRUBS datawarehouse. Neat, huh?


I'd like to incorporate SQLScrubs in a solution for my clients or rebrand. Is that possible? Or can you add some functionality for me?

Please contact us directly. We love a challenge.

Do you have a free trial?

We offer a Community Edition of SQLScrubs 2008 on CodePlex. It has the schema and a couple of basic reports. You won't be able to report on multiple instances without rolling your own code. Also, we've patched and enhanced the Premium Edition only. Bug fixes and support are community based. There is no Community Edition of SQL Scrubs 2012.

Purchase SQLScrubs Premium Edition now!


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