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Used by Frito Lay, Ameriprise, Belgacom, Trek Bikes and over 1000 other companies



"Like a flashlight for SQL Reporting Services!"


  * Customer Testimonial

Reporting Services Management Reports - Report Execution DetailAnswer these questions with SQL Scrubs:

  • Which reports are slowest, largest or most heavily utilized?
  • Who are my power users?
  • Who isn't running reports?
  • Who is running reports against privileged data?
  • Which reports need to be tuned?
  • How much bandwidth are my report users/tenants using?

What's New for SQL Scrubs 2012?

  • Optimized for SQL Server 2012
  • pull logging data from SSRS instances on SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 , SQL Server 2008 R2 *
  • Dataset usage logging and detail report (when available from the SSRS log) **
  • ALL NEW Dashboard report! All new launch pad for SQL Scrubs reports
  • A script to update an existing SQL SCRUBS 2008 database for use with SCRUBS 2012 extract package and SCRUBS 2012 reports *
  • Updated report names for usability (drill through and subreports noted to reduce reporting confusion)

* The SQL Scrubs database, SSIS package and Scrubs SSRS reports MUST still reside and execute from a SQL Server 2012 instance (either Standard or Enterprise).
** Dataset reporting is only available when provided by the SSRS Execution Logs. Please note that SSRS does not capture detailed audit information on dataset usage for all reports. Where avaialable, Scrubs will cull that data and make it available in the SCRUBS data warehouse.

New Dashboard in SCRUBS 2012

The Must Have SSRS Audit Tool!

Includes over 15 report objects for managing, optimizing, auditing and identifying the key areas of your SQL Server Reporting Services (SSRS) architecture. Get it now!

SQL SCRUBS is available in versions for SQL Server 2012, SQL Server 2008 & 2008 R2

Used by Frito Lay, Ameriprise, Belgacom, Trek Bikes and over 1000 other companies

Reports Included 


Detailed log of report execution with flexible filters.

Rich report analytics related to execution performance.

Dynamic filter of reports by File Size,  Processing Time, Row Count, Peak Memory, and more .


Analysis of the slowest reports (on average) for a specified date range.


Dashboard of metrics by report user. Includes top reports, execution times, time of day and more.

Analysis of the largest reports (on average) for a specified date range.


usage statistics by Site/Folder with breakdown by hour of day, day of week and % of data usage.

Usage statistics by report users with breakdown by hour of day, day of week and % of data usage.


Usage statistics by SSRS Instance with breakdown by hour of day, day of week and % of data usage.

displays reports that might be good candidates for optimization based upon resource utilization and failures.


Listing of report users and usage statistics. Emphasis provided for users no longer using the SSRS catalog.

Complete report catalog for auditing usage stats and links to drill-thru detail.


Retrieve user and report execution data based upon selected report parameters. Find out who is running reports with specific parameter values.

This report answers the question “Who’s running reports for  ‘Contoso Inc?’ by inspecting parameters for text you specify.


F ull detail of report execution and includes the action path taken while navigating within the report (Sort, Drill-through, click Document Map, etc.)

Visual Studio solution with all SSRS reports, and SSIS package included so you can extend or customize.

Everything you need, get started in minutes!

SQLScrubs includes the datawarehouse to store the SSRS logs, SSIS integration package and a Visual Studio solution of all reports. Connect to native SSRS or SharePoint integrated installations (or both!) and start reporting in minutes.

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Complete source code means you can tailor and extend the base package and reports to suit your needs.

See the features list here, or get it now!

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